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Inspiration (noun):

The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.


Why is HAUS|OF|SHERRY my inspiration you ask? She is a fearless woman who knows what she wants in life. Her kids, husband, family, and friends mean the world to her. She has beauty and brains with a huge love for fashion and travel. Sherry takes care of her family and works hard while still looking good doing it all. She wears so many hats! It’s only fitting for her to wear a Haku crown because she is queen of HAUS|OF|SHERRY. Not only is she stunning, she has style like no other and a very beautiful family. I had the opportunity to hang out with Sherry and her family in their home Saturday, January 20th. Sherry and her husband, Kenny, are from Honolulu, HI and now reside in Las Vegas, NV with their two beautiful children. Sherry is a goal getter. If things can’t be done one way, she’ll find alternatives in order to accomplish the goals she has in mind. When you are in her presence, she radiates a positive and lovable vibe.

I’ve been following HAUS|OF|SHERRY on social media when she was previously koolkat_ss. She graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, married her high school sweetheart, Kenny, and started her medical career. Soon after, she gave birth to her handsome son, Quentin King. A year later, her beautiful daughter, Mia Monroe, was born. Even back then, Sherry still had style. Life as you know it had changed, but she stayed true to herself. Even with two kids, she still manages to stay looking fresh and up to date. Her whole family embodies the world of love and fashion. She is a working mom that makes every minute count with her family. That is what matters the most to HAUS|OF|SHERRY.

Her social media paints a portrait of a perfect life. You think you may know, but you have no idea what goes on in the HAUS|OF|SHERRY. The family is more than what meets the eye. They are real people with real challenges, real dreams, and real aspirations. A picture can tell you one or a million things. My visit with HAUS|OF|SHERRY allowed me to discover a lot more than just a picture, and I’m excited to share with you all who HAUS|OF|SHERRY is all about.

H&W: What does your typical day/week look like?

HOS: At first, a typical week is what I view as a nightmare now. At just 22 years old, I just graduated from college, bought my own home, and started my career shortly after I became pregnant with my son Quentin King. Although it was a surprise, I believed it couldn’t have happened at a better time. The biggest concern at the time was our babysitting situation. My husband and I have our entire family living out of state majority back home in Hawaii, and the use of daycare was not an option for us personally. Fortunately, working at the hospital, I was able to accept a graveyard shift that allowed Kenny and I to tag team shifts so one was always with our child. I never realized how inhumanly possible it was to function normally working a 13 hour graveyard shift then to go home and care for my son. I for one am not a night person. And to make matters more challenging as my son turned 3 months, I found out I was pregnant to my daughter Mia Monroe. At that moment in my life, I was in disbelief and embarrassed to say it was the most uncertain feeling I felt. My husband kept it strong for the both of us and made it certain God wouldn’t give us anything we weren’t ready for. At that moment, I put full faith in what was planned for me and continued our “routine”. Many complimented my ability to shed off the postpartum weight quickly but failed to realize it was probably due to my lack of sleep and being too tired to even consume anything. It became difficult, questionable, and defeating. At that moment in my life I didn’t understand the purpose of everything. I desperately prayed for better conditions and clarity to see the joy in the most precious 'MOM'ents I should be experiencing. Shortly after, a day shift position opened which I did not consider. It then dawned on me when my boss personally had me reconsider the opening. Then it became clear that maybe this was the answer to my prayers. In the most indirect form I took that change as goods rather to a healthier and happier lifestyle. Although child care was still a very uncomfortable resort my husband and I had to find the balance what was practical and necessary for our family. Every family has different struggles and circumstances and each must make the right choices for their own. No one family is the same. Ultimately I believed I could not care for my own at my best if I myself was not at my best, so we had to open our options for a babysitter. Mia had just turned 18 months and enrolled both our toddlers into a learning center with Pre-k curriculum. Although it was still unsettling to leave our babies as toddlers. We managed to limit it to twice a week which has tremendously progressed my children's learning ability in ways I couldn’t imagine have the structure to do myself.

The kids are with Kenny on Mondays, usually lounging until I get home and we make dinner together. They have school on Tuesday and Wednesdays and we go over their days with them. Thursdays are normally my days off with them we’d typically take an OOTD because that's my day to go shopping when the mall is less crowded. Friday and Saturdays if we aren’t working extra shifts we have our family days out and will either plan for a family event. I was fortunate to get off working Sundays and have been able to introduce Christ and have Sunday Service apart of our lives.

So if you ask me about my typical week, it is better that I ever could have imagined!



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